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The Firing Squad | 03-Feb-05

Can you help me find this poem? I heard it on Radio 4 Poetry Please about a year ago.

A man is facing a firing squad, just as he is about to be shot he smiles and raises himself on tip toe. The firing squad are puzzled. The man is remembering when he was a child and his mother used to measure him against a wall.

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We've found this poem at last! It is called 'At Sunrise', and is by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni. The poem can be found in Poems That Touch the Heart, which was published by Doubleday in 1956.
Poetry Library

I am search through all my poem books... I DO have this poem! When I find it...I will return to this web site and post it for you. It is not too lengthy.
Mary Smith

Here is the poem, "At Sunrise" by Rosa Marinoni:


They pushed him straight against the wall
the firing squad dropped in a row;
and why he stood on tiptoes,
those men shall never know.

Rosa Marinoni

Mary Smith

Rosa Marinoni - At Sunrise
A beautiful poem
Gerard Byrne

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