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Trumpeting the Resurrection | 09-Apr-10

Our enquirer's aunt is extremely keen to find the poem from which comes the phrase "trumpeting the Resurrection".  She recalls it is a description of daffodils and thinks the poet may be Christoper Hassell.

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This might be a recollection of a piece by C Day Lewis. Section 14 of his long poem From Feathers to Iron [1931] begins: Now the full-throated daffodils, / Our trumpeters in gold, / Call resurrection from the ground / And bid the year be bold...
There are six more stanzas, and the poem celebrates the birth of Lewis's first child.
Tom Deveson

Now the full-throated daffodils,
Those trumpeters of gold,
Call resurrection from the ground,
And bid the earth be bold.

C Day-Lewis
Paul Gregorowski

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