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Biddlydoo biddlydoo I'm on the train and off to Looe | 29-Jun-10

Enquirer is trying to locate a nursery rhyme which begins:

Biddlydoo biddlydoo I'm on the train and off to Looe
Ratatatah ratatatah I'm on my way to see my grandmama

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This 12 line poem, Looe, is by Roland Egan and can be found in The Young Puffin Book of Verse
compiled by Barbara Ireson (1970)

Bidderly-do, bidderly-do
I'm on a train and I'm off to Looe
Ra-ta-ta-tar, ra-ta-ta-tar,
I'm going to visit my Grandmama.
Tickety-tack, tickety-tack,
Into a tunnel that's ever so black.
A-rumpety-tum, a-rumpety-tum,
I'm taking a present to Granny from Mum.
Tickety-boo, tickety-boo,
I always enjoy the journey to Looe.

Sue Stanford

It was also in another anthology for children, published mid-70s. Can anyone tell me what that anthology was? It included a poem about the sea: 'The sea, the sea, belongs to me'.
Terence Wilkerson

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