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Poem about a boy trying to remember a shopping list | 06-Feb-05

Poem about a boy trying to remember a shopping list and things gradually go wrong. As I recall it starts:-

"A pound of peas at one and three a pot of raspberry jam
two new laid eggs and a dozen pegs and a pound of rashers of ham.
I'll say it over all the way then I'm sure not to forget"

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There's a wonderful children's book called 'Don't forget the Bacon!'
Jennifer Sagi

I could type a full copy of the poem for you but unfortunately I don't have the poet's name or where it is published. Is that of any help.
Janine Bonser

It's called Going On An Errand by Anonymous - and I have the whole thing if you want to e-mail me for it.
Marian Griffith

I heard this poem at junior school about 45 years ago.I thought it went; A pound of tea at one and three, a pot of raspberry jam, two new laid eggs, a dozen pegs and a pound of rashers of ham.In the last verse it gets all mixed up.I wish I could find it again.
christine robbins

To send the poem to the original enquirer, please email or post it to us here at the Poetry Library, and we'll pass it on. Thanks!
Poetry Library

Don't Forget the Bacon is by Pat Hutchins, and was published by Puffin in 1978.
Poetry Library

I've been looking for this poem for ages! I remember how it made me giggle when we had to recite it at school some 40 years ago. Where can i find a copy? thanks
Colin Green

Looking for the words of 'Going on an errand' please.
jack wilkinson

It is called "Going on an Errand" and it is on this Website under the "Frequently Asked for Poems" Heading.
Gillian Graham

would like a copy of the poem to read to my class, anyone able tohelp me please?
john parkin

A pound of tea at one and three
A pot of strawberry Jam
Two dozen pegs some new laid eggs and a pound of rashers of ham. Would love to have a copy pleaseaas have forgotten the rest of it.
Doris Fisher

I would be very grateful if someone could e-mail me the words.I learned this poem in Gray Street Primary School,Bootle Liverpool in 1948
Eira Harding

My wife remembers this from her childhood and would like the full version if you would be so kind
regards Joe
Joseph King

I have been trying to find this poem, I remember it as a child and wanted to tell my grandson about it I remember
1 lb of tea for 1/3d, apot of raspberry jam 2 new laid eggs a dozen pegs and lb of rashers of ham
gill webb

I, too, have been have been trying to remember this poem which I first read at the age of about six. It was in the children's verse section of "Newnes Pictorial Knowledge" - about the best children's encyclopaedia there ever was! It was my favourite reading for many years.
I was born in 1929, so I was reading it in 1935 which should give some clue as to the edition/impression.
The verse section contained items for children of all ages from "The Naughty Boy" to "Innisfree" and one from which I can only remember the lines:
"When milk comes frozen home in pail,
And Tom the cowman blows his nail.
Tuwhit, Tuwhoo! A merry note,
While Greasy Joan doth keel the pot."

I hope this helps.
David Pugh

I am 80 years of age, and I remember learning
this poem in primary school in Dublin. I have been trying to remember it for some time, and would love to have the words. Please
Aileen Kavanagh

I learnt this poem 68 years ago and have been looking for it for ages. Nice to find the information here. A very useful site.
David Palmer

A wonderful poem about a boy shopping and getting the list mixed up
patrick turrell

The few lines given by Doris Fisher appears to be the poem I am looking for - I would appreciate the full script.

Thanks so much - the words would be appreciated.
Margaret Feeney

My mum has the poem "going on an errand" in an old red poetry book. My mum is also Jean and was born a leap year baby in 1928. She will find the poem and we will post it on this sight. We love this poem.
Jean Burdick

I heard it in brigidine convent mountrath1950.though it was'i'dfly mine higher right up to the skier and frighten the birds up there.great to find it again.
Marguerite Coady

I remember bits of Going on an Errand from 70 years ago.
I wanted it for a Poetry Reading in three days' time. Can anyone help?
Maggie Fernandez

I learnt this poem in junior school in early 1950s Pretty sure it was written by Walter De La Mere
Peter Fryer

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