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A wooden horse, a wonder horse | 08-Oct-10

A wooden horse, a wonder horse
They shouted it's a pity
That such a thing should stay outside
Let's bring it in the city.

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Yes i had to learn this at junior school would you like to hear it? in FULL? ...........Now the men of Troy were simple folk and simple folk of course would never guess that 20 men could hide inside a horse, so if you'll take........... ring or email and i will finish it pb
peter Bromley

I was trying to remember this poem for my granddaughter.
I think it ends "If wooden horses come your way, just leave them where they are."
Would you please email it to me?
Thank you in advance,

Tom Cass

The first couple of lines are:-
You've heard about the wooden horse,
The wooden horse of Troy
And how the silly Trojans laughed
And clapped their hands in joy . .

then as above

Mick Wells

I am looking for the poem that starts
The men of troy are simple folk and simple folk of course,
Would never dream that 20 men could hide inside a horse
Bev Watson

Hello, we're looking for this in our library for use by a customer. Would you be able to e-mail me the whole poem please, Peter?
Norwich Millennium Library Norfolk

This poem is by Hugh Chesterman. It was published in "The New Merry-go-round", Volume 6, 1928 and "A Bulletin for Schools" Volume 30, 1936. The British Library have several poetry collections by Hugh Chesterman and may be able to help provide a copy of the poem.
The Poetry Library

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