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Poem in Scots language about Orpheus | 11-Oct-10

Enquirer is looking for a Scottish poem about Orpheus:

Thru it syne a roan, syne as meikle as a moan, syne a voice, thon voice o' his That charmed the xx and all its folk xxxx Eurydice! Eurydice!

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Could this be from Robert Henryson's "Orpheus & Eurydice"?
Bingley Anne

Not from the Scots ballad King Orfeo (Child #19), whose wife is Isabel, but could it be from the Middle English poem Sir Orfeo? His wife is Heurodis which would match the rhyme.
Jane Stemp

It's more recent - part of "Orpheus" by Tom Scott:

there wes a lull
and throu it syne a roun
and syne as muckle's a moan
and syne a voice, yon voice o his
that quietit the forest and its fowk

spoke frae the grund
and threept in the grietan tree
'Eurydikee! Eurydikee!'

The poem is in "The Ring of Words" (ed MacGillivray and Rankin) which the Library has listed in its catalogue
Judith Taylor

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