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The city was crowded one cold winter's night | 14-Oct-10

The city was crowded one cold winter's night
the streets were ice-covered the snow glistened white
so sharp was the frost and the bitter north wind
made many a shelter to find

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This appears to be from a poem called "Trusty and true" by Charlotte Mason about a poor little match-seller, published by the Religious Tract Society in 1885, and based on an earlier story called "(The boy who was) tender, trusty and true" told by Dean Stanley at a service in Westminster Abbey and published in various religious publications.

See "The Sunday at home, Volume 32" (found via Google Books)

Possibly it might have been reprinted in books of poems to recite?

Also could possibly be the same as this song (from BL catalogue)?

Rivenhall, Frederic.:
Trusty and True. Song, words by L. Vane. [In C, D and E flat.].
London : S. Lucas, Weber & Co, [1887].

Thank you to Susanne Woodman for this information.

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