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"Teddy's dropped his atom bomb..." | 12-Feb-05

I think it is a poem by an anonymous poet but most certainly it is written about Hiroshima, reflecting upon the effect of the bomb on the children who lived in the area.

The poem includes the line "Teddy's dropped his atom bomb upon the nursery floor".

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This is from a poem called "They Dared Him" by Kevin Myhill found in the book Peace and War: A Collection of Poems by Michael Harrison, Christopher Stuart-Clark and Alan Marks
Susan Adams

Thank you to Susan Hill for identifying this poem for us after 9 years! We have a copy of this anthology in the Poetry Library: "Peace and war" / a collection of poems chosen by Michael Harrison and Ch istopher Stuart-Clark, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1989 ISBN: 0-19-276071-8 The poem "They Dared Him" by Kevin Myhill can be found on page 145.
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Apologies ? in our excitement we mistyped Susan?s name ? with thanks to Susan Adams, not Susan Hill!
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Susan Adams, not
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