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The cooker looks at me... | 25-Feb-11

The cooker looks at me and says what's the point? And at night the pillows cry softly into the sheets.

Our enquirer heard the poem on Poetry Please in summer 1996, may have been by Adrian Henry or someone else by the name of Henry.

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This is by Henry Normal: The House is not the same since you left:

The house is not the same since you left the cooker is angry ? it blames me
The TV tries desperately to stay busy but occasionally I catch it staring out of the window
The washing-up?s feeling sorry for itself again it just sits there saying ?What?s the point, what?s the point??
The curtains count the days
Nothing in the house will talk to me
I think your armchair?s dead
The kettle tried to comfort me at first but you know what its attention span is like
I?ve not told the plants yet they think you?re still on holiday
The bathroom misses you I hardly see it these days
It still can?t believe you didn?t take it with you
The bedroom won?t even look at me since you left it it keeps its eyes closed all it wants to do is sleep, remembering better times trying to lose itself in dreams it seems like it?s taken the easy way out but at night I hear the pillows weeping into the sheets.
Henry Normal

Tina Rath

I am looking for "The House Is Not The Same Since You Left"
Henry Normal

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