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Young William was a soldier of eighteen years or so | 17-Mar-11

Young William was a soldier of eighteen years or so
And England wanted soldiers young or old to face the foe
So he went and joined the colours with his comrades quite a host
Till the guard one morning found him sleeping at his post
It was the same old story, hard tramping, little rest
To keep his poor eyes open he had tried his very best...

Our enquirer was taught this as a young child by her grandfather.  It goes on for many verses.  She would love to know the author and title or anything at all about it.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


We also learnt this poem from our grandmother. William was to be court martialed for sleeoing on his post, but his friend had done gallant deeds and was to be given a meda. Howver, he asked for nothing more than that they "pardon William, a mother's only son".
There was also a mention in the poem of Morpheus, the god of sleep.
I cannot remember the rest of the poem so if someone could let me know that whole poem I would be delighted. For some reason I think it was episode from teh Boer War or ealier, not WW1.
Lesley Cartwright-Taylor

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