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"She sat on the rocks" - poem about a woman transported to Australia | 20-Mar-11

Our enquirer learned this poem at school, and associates the poem with her own great great grandmother.

It is about a convict woman transported to Australia, and includes the lines:

"She sat on the rocks her tired eyes teased and [ ...] by thoughts of yore

And straining her sense was an alien sky, an alien sea and an alien shore"

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This is SYDNEY COVE 1788 by Roderic Quinn

SHE sat on the rocks, her fireless eyes
Teased and tired with the thoughts of yore;
And paining her sense were alien skies,
An alien sea and an alien shore.
In gold-green dusks she glimpsed new flowers
And the glittering wings of gleaming birds ?
But haunting her still were English bowers
And the clinging sweetness of old love-words.
A soft breeze murmured of unknown shores
And laughed as it touched her with fingers light,
But she mourned the more for the wind that roars
Down sullen coasts on a northern night.
Like topaz gems on a sable dome
The stranger stars stole shyly forth;
She saw no stars like the stars of home
That burned, white-fired, in the frosty north.
A restless sea was at her feet,
A restless sea of darkest blue;
The lights burned dimly on The Fleet,
And these were all the ships it knew.
She watched the dark tides rise and fall,
The lion-tides that, night and noon,
Range round the world, and moan and call
In sad sea-voices to the moon.
Thus while she watched they ebbed and flowed;
Till last with sudden splendour Day
Lit all the scene with gold, and showed
An arrow black on a garb of gray.
Tina Rath

Thank you so much Tina, I have been looking the poem Sydney Cove for many years, I learnt it in primary school. Not knowing that the poem reflected the lives of two of my gg grandmothers that I never knew but now feel extremely close to.
Regards Maeve Bayliss Symonds
Mavis Symonds

I'm so pleased it was the right one.
Best wishes
Tina Rath

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