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The Brownies' Sleigh Ride | 20-Mar-11

Starts with:

"Come now I have made a splendid find
there's a little sled with runners
that some child has left behind"

The last verse reads:

"Up they fluttered
like a handful of dead leaves.
Oh it was a nasty knock
Not enough to kill a brownie
But they all complained of shock"

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Jessie Pope.
2nd verse- Rushing from the gloomy forest
Come the Brownies, young and old,
Dressed in little coats and mufflers
To protect them from the cold.
"Pack in close!" exclaims their uncle,
:I will hold the steering strings,
Down the hill we'll soon be flying
Just as if the sledge had wings.
"One, two, three- now are we ready?
Father Brownie at the back
Gives a push, and off they're started
Down the white and frozen track.
Faster still they glide and faster
Steeper grows the mountain -side
"Steady Uncle- mind the tree trunks!"
All the little Brownies cried.
Uncle Brownie's face grows anxious,
Father Brownie howls with fright,
But the little baby Brownies
Clench their teeth and hold on tight.

Just too late poor anxious Uncle
A small fir-tree stump perceives
Smash they go- up fly the Brownies
Like a handful of dead leaves.
On their little heads they tumble,
Each one gets a nasty knock,
Not enough to kill a Brownie,
But they all complain of shock.
Just too late poor nervous Uncle

elizabeth wilmot

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