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Whether she has lived... | 23-Mar-11

When she dies, her mark will not be
Written on her gravestone. If she has
loved a book, been kind to someone,
Enjoyed a certain colour of the sea ?
That is the thing that will show      
Whether she has lived.

Enquirer believes there may be a connection with Sylvia Plath.

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This is from Sylvia Plath's LETTERS HOME rather than from her poems:
"Sylvia wrote home on November 29, 1956 in relation to a friend of Aurelia's who had become deeply depressed. Sylvia replied offering advice, particularly about schoolwork: "When he dies, his marks will not be written on his gravestone. If he has loved a book, been kind to someone, enjoyed a certain colour in the sea - that is the thing that will show whether he has lived".
It is quoted in THE PLATH DIARIES, A PhD Blog.
Tina Rath

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