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Poem describing a landscape using body parts | 25-Mar-11

Enquirer is looking for a poem they heard on Radio 4's Poetry Please about 15 years ago.

It appears to be describing a garden or landscape but indead of using nouns for plants and animals it uses nouns for body parts.  For example, a line would be something like:

"The clavicles swayed in the evening breeze
while a lone pancreas fluttered across the lake"

They recall that it was by a well-known mid-20th-century poet.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


Could possibly be Birdbones by David Brendan Hopes?

The girdle is a grass leaf dried and curled.
Spine's whittled to a splinter, a thorn.
Clavicle is a taut hair holding without weight.
Wing blades are a folded feather,
in a stiff wind almost flying by themselves:
girder, crossbeam, strut, the bones of
birds, swallow bones, catbird bones,
willing to bear nothing, made to lift
Susanne Woodman

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