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The Story of Edward Molineaux Beamish Cox and his Cat Astrophy | 30-Mar-11

Enquirer is looking for a poem they knew as a child 40-45 years ago.  It's title was:

The Story of Edward Molineaux Beamish Cox and his Cat Astrophy

and it was published in a booklet all on its own.  It was fairly long and humorous and began:

Edward Molineaux Beamish Cox,
Five feet tall in his nice red (new?) socks

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


Edward Molineaux Beamish Cox
Five feet high in his nice new socks
Good at games and bright in class
Was nevertheless a silly ass

That's all I can remember. It was a cautionary booklet about safety in the home- Edward kept doing stupid things, but his cat, Astrophe, took the fall, using up one of his lives each time. It took eight disasters for Edward to see the error of his ways and be a good boy ever after. The rhymes suggest it was written by a Northerner (!) I must have seen it about 1970.
Stuart Johnson

I remember this poem, although I would date it to mid-60s.

Also the lines:
His mother's pride, his father's joy
He was nevertheless a silly boy

Part of the reading material at my primary school in Elstead, Surrey, if I recall correctly
Andy Sharland

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