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When Christ came down at Macy's | 06-Apr-11

Our enquirer says:

I think the line above is the first line.

Christ gets an indifferent reception after arriving in New York (presumably), late enough in the 20th century to allow a reference to a father having bought his son a super bazooka bomber. As it is Christmas New Yorkers are also bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and murder.

A meek Christ has the effrontery to attempt to preach outside Macy?s, but Officer[...]comes along on his (named) horse clippety clop and tells him he needs a permit for that sort of thing.

Nonetheless Christ succeeds on getting on TV, but, as everyone knows, the [...] Brothers (juggling act) are a hard act to follow, so Christ gets the lowest ratings since Flora Fauna sang (something like) "When the banana peels start falling off, I?ll come slipping back to you."

The poem ends:
Well, I'll be damned
Indeed, said the Sky

My recollection is that I saw the poem in the Edinburgh University'Student' newspaper, but I can't be sure. The poem was stated as being from Spokane's Natural. No author was given. I had always assumed that it was an extract from a longer poem, but I have learned that the 'Natural' was an underground newspaper published in Spokane, Washington between 1967 and 1970. I have been in touch with the former editor of the 'Natural' and a museum housing all the copies of the newspaper, but have so far drawn a blank.

Thanks for your help. Any advice would be appreciated.

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