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There lived a king, I know not where / Perhaps in Mirascower | 19-Apr-11

Does anyone know who wrote this poem?  James Elroy Flecker has been suggested

There lived a king, I know not where
Perhaps in Mirascower
Whose daughters grew so deadly fair
He shut them in a tower.

The first princess was Flower of Flame
The second Silver Pool
The third one did not have a name
She was too beautiful.

There lived three bright and handsome boys
Not far from this country
The first one's name was Forest Noise
The second Sound of Sea.

The third one had no name like this
For girls to dream upon.
His was a face you had to kiss -
And yet, they called him John.

One day these three delightful boys
Hunting in Mirascower
With bugle blast came thundering past
That square forbidding tower.

And Flower of Flame was singing there
A low heartbroken tune
While Silver Pool combed out her hair
That glistened like the moon.

The third princess, who had no name,
Peeped through the rusty grille
And her sweet face shone on the eyes of John
And he and his horse stood still.

Forest Noise made a rope of his curls
Sound of the Sea, he threw it.
And John went up to get the girls
And nobody ever knew it.

And Flower of Flame,
Who knows where she and Forest Noise have gone?
Or Silver Pool and Sound of the Sea?
But the nameless girl's with John.

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This is indeed by James Elroy Flecker. But I think the reason it has been difficult to track down is because it is from a play - and it isn't all in the same place in the play in question.

It is from Flecker's 'Don Juan', Act 1 Scene III, and is spoken by Don Juan himself to a little girl, with the initial stage direction indicating that he is 'Obviously making it up as he goes along'.

See James Elroy Flecker, 'Don Juan: A Play in Three Acts' (London: Heinemann, 1925), pp. 27-8 [which goes up to 'And yet they called him John'] and p. 42 [which completes the story].

Note that the original spelling is 'Mirascowre'.
Matthew Jarvis

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