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Brother Thrush it was began / Matins for the dawn of Man | 03-May-11

This poem is told from the perspective of the birds, possibly rooks, looking down from the tree tops where they discuss the antics of Man. Possibly studied for the old Junior Certificate English exam in Northern Ireland in 1968.

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I think that this is the start of 'The Birds' by Clive Sansom. It was printed in Punch, 7 January 1948, p. 10. It might be collected in Sansom's The Witnesses and Other Poems (Methuen, 1956).
Matthew Jarvis

This was one of the poems in a book that I studied at Secondary School circa1967. The cover of the book had, I think Norman soldiers on it.
I memorised the whole poem at the time and still remember other lines. I would love to find a copy of this book.
Susan Handy-Routh

I studied this poem for an elocution exam. I still remember all the lines but would love to get a hard copy
Natasha Miller

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