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A happy song of thanks to God for pleasant paths my feet have trod | 04-Jul-11

"A happy song of thanks to God for pleasant paths my feet have trod"

Believed to come from a children's anthology or compendium album of stories and poems from the 1930s-1940s.

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There is a very similar line in Rebekah Hyneman's long poem Zara the Martyr, spoken by the heroine, a young Jewish woman in expectation of her execution:
An hour from sunrise!" she exclaimed. "Oh, G-d!
Must my young life pass thus from the bright earth,
And all the pleasant paths my feet have trod--
My hours of innocent and guileless mirth,
Fade like a dream away? And thy lone hearth
Deserted; Father, will it never be
Again love's shrine? Oh! thou, who from her birth
Hast guided thy child's steps to Heaven with thee,
How wilt thou bear this weight of crushing misery?"
but apart from that line it doesn't really sound like the poem you are looking for...

Tina Rath

This is quoted in a religious tract - does it sound like it?

While God has given us rosy hours
Of health and peace, and fruit and flowers
While we in pleasant paths have trod,
What have we rendered back to God?
susanne woodman

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