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Last night I peeped out of the window | 19-Jul-11

Enquirer is looking for a poem about a child looking out of the window at bedtime and seeing a world of fairies in the garden, joining in their game and then finding themselves back in bed wondering if it was real or a dream.  Their mother taught it to them, and she learnt it when she was a child, sometime around 1910-1920.

It begins with a line something like:

"Last night I peeped out of the window just as I went to bed"

And ends with a line like:

"And then a cloud covered the moon's face and I found I was back in bed..."

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


The title is "Fairies on the lawn" by R C Lehmann. Full text can be found here (need to scroll down the page)


Jean Butcher

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