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Every day a fool is born | 05-Aug-11

Every day a fool is born
And the greatest fool am I

This is the start of a poem our enquirer was given, attributed to 'Anonymous'. It may have come from an anthology published in the 1960s. Any clues to its origin appreciated.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


It goes something like this: Everyday a fool is born the greatest fool am I, and your the one who made it so and here's some reasons why. I like your eyes, I like your smile, I like the way you talk. I like your hair, I like your legs,especially the way you walk. So when we meet and talk again remember from the start, even though I am a fool I also have a heart!..........I saw this poem in 1976 in San Antonio,Tx. as part of a horoscope for Scorpio. Still not sure about the middle of poem,but that's how I remember it. Hope this helps:)

Roger Rodriguez

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