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Sir Isaac Newton was the man | 06-Sep-11

Enquirer believes this comes from Cheltenham College, c. 1925.  Their father remembered part of it:

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was the man
Who found the laws of motion, an
Achievement which, I fancy, can
   Be said of very few men.
And if you'll give these laws a test,
You'll find, it has to be confessed,
Sir Isaac was indeed possesed
   Of very great acumen.
[first law missing; then]
Momentum's change is bound to be
Proportional to force, said he.
[rest of this verse missing]
He found the acceleration you
Or I acquire when falling through
The air and he expressed it, too,
   In figures, most compactly.
The late Professor Binks, who went
And tumbled off the Monument,
Remarked, while making his descent,
   "He's judged the pace exactly!"
[and the third law also missing]

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Published in Punch around then - 1923?
Susanne Woodman

My father recalls this being cut out and pasted on a board in a maths classroom at Winchester in the late '30s
Tim Illingworth

I suspect:
"He it was, you understand,
First spread the notion through the land,
Each action has an equal and
An opposite reaction."

is also from this poem.
Tim Illingworth

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