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"Woking, this is Woking...." | 17-Feb-05

An amusing piece spoken by a lady who had not fulfilled her dreams and instead is working as a train announcer on Woking station:

When I was young, the height of my ambitions was to be a thorough-going femme fatale
And to lure men into positions where they would offer me the Taj MahaL
But alas in life's flurry and its hubbub my main ambitions seemed to drift away
And now I'm working in a suburb announcing train arrivals every day
And when I say "Woking, this is Woking...."

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


This is a monologue that I did for a cabaret last year, and I've lost the book it was in! I'm trying to find it myself so I can use if for auditions! It's from the 80's I think, and will be in a book of monologues or short stories.
Andrina Amsdell

This is definitely not the 80s as my Mum used to do it in the 70s and I suspect it might be even older than that maybe even 50s. Hope you find it. If you do please let me know I'm looking for it too. Also the monologue of three ladies at tea which finishes with the immortal line 'It's been wonderful seeing you.......bitch'
sioux Goddard

I vaguely remember hearing this poem read on the radio by Julia McKenzie (I think). I too am still looking for the source.
Geoffrey Farmer

Hello! I found it! It's called 'Siren Song' and was written by David Climie, with music by John Pritchett. It was most famously done by Joan Simms. I found it in a book called 'Intimacy at Eight-Thirty'
Andrina Amsdell

I started this search on behalf of a friend who used to recite this monologue many years ago and couldn't trace it or remember any more of it (Woking this is Woking). I gave up looking to see if anyone knew it then today I suddenly thought about it. Can I thank Andrina Amsdell for her help, it is good to be able to trace the monologue at last. Thank you very much
Kathleen Balchin

To Andrina Amsdell. How exciting that you have found it! Would there be any possibility of forwarding it to me by email?? I have been searching for it for some time but without success. Have memorised the first dozen lines or so but the best bits are later! Need it for to-morrow (Sun) if at all possible for an evening of humourous poetry reading. Would be so grateful......thanks - Jeannie
Jeannie Martin

Desperately seeking that monologue by Station Announcer. This is woking! I believe.
Hazel Sayers

Hello all, I know this thread is some years old but I too am searching for this amusing Train Announcer monologue. Would any of you kind people be able to forward it to me via email? I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you, rebeccasdance@gmail.com

Rebecca Bunting

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