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Poem about a girl called Alison | 19-Oct-11

Enquirer is looking for a poem her daugher brought home in a book from school a few years ago.  It was about a girl called Alison.  It described that she wore a brooch at her throat and her laugh was mentioned.

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It's Chaucer's 'The Miller's Tale'. Alison (Alisoun) is the wife of the landlord that the student Nicholas has set his attentions on.

But of hir song, it was as loude and yerne
As any swalwe sittynge on a berne.
Therto she koude skippe and make game,
As any kyde or calf folwynge his dame.
Hir mouth was sweete as bragot or the meeth,
Or hoord of apples leyd in hey or heeth.
Wynsynge she was, as is a joly colt,
Long as a mast, and upright as a bolt.
A brooch she baar upon hir lowe coler,
As brood as is the boos of a bokeler.
Hir shoes were laced on hir legges hye.
She was a prymerole, a piggesnye,
James Bainbridge

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