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In at the great front doors he went | 07-Feb-12

A humerous poem, from school in the 60's, about King Charles, 1660:

'In at the great front doors he went
The great front doors of Parliament
While out of the back with one consent
Went Denniston, Hollisten, Jonathan Pym
And William Strobe & after him
Arthur Hazelrig Esquire and Hamden
Gentleman of Buckingham Shire'

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My mother, who was born in November 1936, remembers this from school. She thinks it was part of a history lesson from about the age of 10 to 12. She recalls reciting it to family members after school
Adrian Keane

It refers to the five members of parliament who opposed King Charles. It reads as follows, while out of the back with one intent went, Denzil Holles and Jonathan Pyme, William Strode and after him, Arthur Haselrig Esquire and Hampden gent from Buckinghamshire.
Christine Harrison

Like others have said, I learnt this poem at junior school back in the early 60s and still mutter about "Hampden, gent of Buckinghamshire" living as I do within five miles of Great Hampden where said gent was resident.
Sue D'Arcy

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