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They rode through the darkness ne'r stopping to rest | 28-Feb-12

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They rode through the darkness ne'r stopping to rest...One man and his horse through the night.
Just the rhythm of hooves pounding mile upon mile, as slowly the dark turned to light.
He'd traveled the world and met with adventure, and now all he hungered to see,
was the thrill and the joy in his fathers old eyes as he heard of the wonders he'd seen.
But now, home in view a dread pulled at his senses, an eeriness pulsed through his veins.
The small moonlit cottage looked ghostly and grey... Nerves rigid, he pulled at the reins.
He tethered the horse in a place by the stream, where beautiful flowers had grown
but all were now choked by a tangle of weeds... Long-gone the lush garden he'd known.
No dogs bark to greet him, no smoke from the chimney, no welcome familiar signs.
He walked down the overgrown nettle strewn path, and wrestled his guilt-stricken mind.

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