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Retreat from Mons | 21-Feb-05

Oh for the sight that I once saw
In the early days of this terrible War,
It was a sight that made one's blood run cold
And will live in History be it ever so old
The way those men fought side by side
To stem the great oncoming tide...

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The above quoted poem was written by my
father. The late Arthur Lucas 1879 - 1950.
He was a member of the East Surrey Regt.
Served in the Boer War and was one of the first to be sent to France during the First World War. I have his original text.
Elsie Wheeler

I see that you have had no more comments on this poem. I would like to know how you got hold of it? As far as I know it was never published. Although I think my father did offer it. Would you like me to send you the remaining lines?
Elsie Wheeler (nee Lucas)

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