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Life Cycle of a Moth | 23-Apr-12

Enquirer is looking for a poem that was written entirely by using the names of moths.  The poem was called "Life Cycle of a Moth" and one of the moths was a "ghost whisperer".

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Elma Mitchell wrote this poem; no reference to Ghost Whisperer, but the last line refers to 'Ghost Swift'. Not sure which book of poems it comes from but could find out for you if necessary. The poet died in 2000, aged 81. The poem: Peach-blossom, muslin, Sallow kitten/Gipsy./Dark tussock, satin carpet,/Wood-leopard, scarlet tiger!/Great Prominent,/Iron Prominent - / Dark crimson underwing./Emperor, white ermine,/Large emerald./ December. Frosted green/ Lackey, red-necked footman./ Drinker./ Scarce silver./ Old lady,/ Figure of Eighty,/ Death's head,/ Vapourer.// Ghost swift.
Simon Leach

Thank you Simon Leach for identifying this poem for us. "Life Cycle of a Moth" by Elma Mitchell is published in her collections "The Human Cage" Peterloo Poets, 1979 and "People Etcetera Poems New & Selected" Peterloo Poets, 1987, as well as in the anthology "Penguin Modern Poets: U.A.Fanthorpe, Elma Mitchell, Charles Causley Bk. 6" Penguin, 1996.
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