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"Parted friends may meet again..." | 21-Feb-05

"Parted friends may meet again
When the storms of life are past
And the spirit free of pain
Basks in friendship that will last"

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I have just come across this poem in a letter written by a member of my family in about 1840. She had emigrated to North America and was writing from Illinois back to her brothers and sisters in Kent, England.

The writing is faint, and the paper creased so that the last line is illegible. What I have been able to decipher reads as follows:

Parted friends may meet again
When the storms of life are passed
And the spirit freed from pain
Basks in friendship that will last.

Worldly cares may sever wide
Distant far their path may be
But the bond of death untied
Is that we shall once be free.

Death the end of care and pain
Death the wretches happiest need
Death can break the strongest chain
Death is liberty indeed.

Parted friends again may meet
From the toils of nature free
Crowned with mercy oh how sweet

Rob Lawrence

I have been cleaning an ancient family stone in the Sand Hill cemetary (Sherbrooke Quebec Canada). The last verse is part of the inscription for Mason Terry who died Apr. 8 1852.

The inscription was mostly illegible on the stone but I was able to decipher the first and last lines and some words in between.

With the help of the first comment I believe the last line to be:

*** Will of eternal friendship be. ***

On my inscription the word "toils" in the second line appears to be *** trial ***

The final verse on my inscription should read

**** Parted friends again shall meet ****
From the trail of nature free
Crowned with mercy how sweet
Will of eternal friendship be
Charles Caswell
Charles Caswell

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