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Who uses the Medusa's eye | 14-May-12

Who uses the Medusa's eye
resigns to the empiric lie
The knower petrifies the known
The subtle dancer turns to stone.

Enquirer thinks there may be a Theodore Roszak connection.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


I too have been looking for years . . . finally found it:

?Who Borrows the Medusa?s Eye
Resigns to the empirical lie.
The Knower petrifies the known,
The subtle dancer turns to stone.?

is to be found on page #290 of

The Making of a Counter Culture
Theodore Roszak

Doubleday 1969 - Anchor (softbound) edition

Just before the book?s bibliography section.

It is the only item on the page and bears no attribution; thus, I think it is of Mr. Roszak?s authorship.


John Iversen

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