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Oh my gentle Dobbin | 01-Jun-12

Enquirer is looking for the following poem from his schooldays at St. Andrews school in the Mauritius during the sixties:

"Oh my gentle Dobbin
Dobbin well has done his day
Give him a sack of hay..."

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Plz let me have a full copy of this poem of my school days if you have it. thank you
faiz fokeena

I sang this in singing lessons as a child in Middlesbrough. I can't recall much of it.
Wo, my gentle Dobbin,
Dobbin well has done his day,
Give him now a truss of hay and say goodnight to Dobbin.
On the level roadway,
O'er the hillocks up and down,
Many a weary mile he's gone, my willing gentle Dobbin.
Mike Ebdy

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