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A rhyming poem that lists names from the classics | 12-Jul-12

Enquirer is looking for a rhyming poem he learnt at school, 60+ years ago, that lists the names of writers, artists and characters from the classics from A-Z, possibly all figures from Ancient Greece. e.g. "Aeschylus, Aristotle," etc.

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I thought I could find it, but ... doesn't rhyme and includes titles and quotes, not names .... still, very clever and profound, Ben Okri's 'Mental Fight' (An Anti-Spell for the 21st Century), see final page:
For, after the gospels,
After the human and divine comedies,
After the one thousand and one nights,
After crime and punishment,
War and peace,pride and prejudice,
The sound and the fury,
Between good and evil,
Being and nothingness,
After the tempest, the trial,
And the wasteland,
After things have fallen apart,
After the hundred years of solitude,
And the remembrance of things past,
In the kingdom of this world,
We can still astonish the gods in humanity
And be the stuff of future legends,
If we but dare to be real,
And have the courage to see
That this is the time to dream
The best dream of them all.
Norah Caufield

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