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"If I were a park keeper..." | 21-Feb-05

The poem starts:

If I were a park keeper
I would stroll across the summer lawns of your mind
And with a pointed stick
Collect all the empty cigarette packets...

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The poem is 'Summer With Monika' and it's by Roger McGough.
Clancy Merrett

This is a Roger McGeoff poem, from memory I think it goes like this:

If I were a parkkeeper
I would stroll across the summerlawns of your mind
And, with a pointed stick
Collect all the memories which lie around
like empty cigarett packets
And in a dark distant corner where you could not see
Burn them in the shade
Of your love for me.
Barbara Beckett

This poem can be found on p68 of Roger McGough's Collected Poems.
Poetry Library

I saw this poem written on the toilet wall of a pub in Oxford, the George I think it was, in 1995 or thereabouts. I wrote it down and it went like this.
"If I were a park-keeper
I would stroll across
the autumn lawns of my mind
and with a pointed stick
collect all the memories
which lie about
like empty cigarette packets
and in some distant corner
which you could not view
I would burn them in the shade
of my dying love for you"

All these years I thought it was anonymous and unrecorded.
like empty cigarette packet
Paul Hughes

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