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Thursday, the day of fear | 11-Sep-12

Enquirer is looking for a poetry book from about 1955 when he was a class teacher. The book was by a single poet. He cannot remember the name of the poet, it was possibly Walsh, but favourite poems from the book were "Thursday, the day of fear"  "Old Grannies to sell" and "Down by the Water Meadow".


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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


A poem called "pioneers" begins

It's not long ago. There were,
after all, cameras
to show us these wagons and blurred dogs,

I have all the texy but cannot locate the author (not on Google).

paul eustice

I have found this online I hope it helps you.I found it in a book edited by Jennifer and Graeme Curry entitled "The Complete school verse"
I'm looking for a schoolboy poem that talks about Thursday being the day of fear. If this rings any bells with you please email me.
Many thanks

Link follows

Jane Campbell

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