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"Excuse me Mr La-di-da..." | 21-Feb-05

The following is spoken by two characters - one a toff and the other an old chap in a cap:

Excuse me Mr La-di-da if I sits next to you,
No, I won't contaminate you with me clothes.
I'm pretty well particular just what  I says and dos,
And I don't mix with Society Lord knows.

Second character responds:

I say old chappie don't go yet,
I hear you're feeling blue,
I'm not exactly bubbling with good cheer...

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This comes from a musical monologue - I think Soliloquy of a Tramp written and composed by Gerald Morrison, about 1932. My dad used to perform it. It is about a tramp and a toff. He tells his story - the climax being that life isn't all that good to him because at the Battle of Jutland he encountered an injury - 'you see I'm blind'.
Can anyone tell me how I can get sheet music and words of this? It is quite moving.
Thank you
Janice Yates

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