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Guy Fawkes - Good Queen Bess was dead and gone | 14-Dec-12

Enquirer is looking for a poem, possibly called "Guy Fawkes", which includes the following lines:

"Good Queen Bess was dead and gone Jamie from Scotland was carrying on..."

"the Calvinists said he a brother the protestants said he would follow his mother"

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


the year was 1603 nobody knew what religion he`d be
lynne moody

We did this at school in about 1963. All I can remember of it is
"Good Queen Bess was dead and gone,
Jamie from Scotland was carrying on,
The year was sixteen hundred and three,
Nobody knew what religion he'd be,
Calvinists said, "He's an Anglican brothers,
Catholics said he would follow his mother,
Only the Anglicans got what they wished,
All other parties saw they were dished."

It might have been called Gunpowder Plot

All other parties saw they were dished."

I think it might have been called "Gunpowder Plot" but I am not too sure about that.
Sue Davis

I've been trying to find this poem for decades. I learned the entire thing whic I believe was 16 verses in its entirety. It names all,the conspirators and ends with Guy being hung drawn and quartered and Imrhink his head was put on Temple Bar? It ended with "and that was the end of poor Guy Fawlkes!

Anne Cator

Folks I might have found the guy Fawkes poem. I contacted the US Library of Congress and they found it listed in a 1933 High School mag in South Africa. I have a poorly formatted (text only ) pdf of the poem. We will need to retype the poem so the line breaks are in the right places. I would like to forward the Lib of Congress pdf your way. Can you respond with an email address or an address and I'll send it snail mail.
Martin MacKenzie

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