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Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah about his little sister | 20-Feb-13

Enquirer is looking for a poem they heard "years and years ago at a Benjamin Zephaniah performance where he read a gorgeous poem about his little sister".  As far as they remember it gave her loads of praise for being who she was, it was a very personal poem for her, not a general poem about how men see women.

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Is this the one?

little Sister
That's my little Sisiter,
just five minutes old.
Already seeking something,
to bite, chew and hold.
That's my little sister
already going bald,
I can't just call her sister,
so what will she be called?

I want to call her Carol,
but all Carols are hymns.
I want to call her Jimmy,
but I always visit gyms.
I want to call her spotty,
but she may punch my nose.
I will not call her Rosy,
she don't look like a rose.

When I hear her crying,
I want to call her LOUD!!
If she's the type for talking,
I may call her a crowd.
If she's good at singing,
I'll call her nightingale.
If she keeps on grinning,
she'll make the Doctors wail.

The Doctors call her beauty,
but Beauty is a horse.
The nurses called her cutey,
being polite, of course.
My Mummy and my Daddy,
just don't have an idea.
We don't have a name ready,
but we're so glad she's here.

by Benjamin Zephaniah

Tina Rath

Hi Tina - thanks v much for this one - which is also lovely, but not the one I remember. It was almost a praise song to his little sister and her many talents as I recall - but it was many years ago I heard it and memory does funny things! Thanks v much for finding this one for me though. All the v best, Char
Char March

This one?
Miss World

This master of oral poetry has been on a mission to spread the word to a different audience since the age of 11. He performed this piece from memory during an edition of Radio 4's Midweek in 1988.

Beauty is about how you behold
more than silver more than gold
if I say I am beautiful
it means beauty is accessible,
beauty is about how you greet
de everyday people dat you meet
you are beautiful so all rejoice
your beauty is a natural choice.

My sister is a beautiful girl
she don't want to be Miss World
her value is not prize money
more value than a pearl
my sister is a beautiful girl
human delight
she could be out of sight but she would rather stay and fight.

Her legs are firm and strong
best for self-defence
my sister kicks like wildfire
so cause her no grievance
she won't walk the platform
to upsex people's lust
and you can't get the number of her height, age or bust,
she don't want to go to the market
to be viewed like a slave
the viewing time is over
put de judge in the grave,
she don't need to go to the market
'cause she's already won
beauty contest no contest
she don't need to run.

I talk 'bout people in society who judge you by your looks, den,
give you a number dat is written in a book, and, lustful eyes
from all around come to look at you, and, day judge your lifetime
by a quick interview.

My sister is a beautiful girl
But she don't want to be Miss World
her personality cannot be rewarded by no judge or earl.

My sister is a beautiful girl
She needs no contest
and you can't put her with another judging who's the best.
And you cannot judge my sister's heart
By looking at her breasts.

Copyright: Benjamin Zephaniah.

Tina Rath

I don't get it its just a man talking about his little sister and him naming her
william walker

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