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They fought for King and country They never missed a call | 30-Mar-13

This poem featured on a Memorial Card for The Unknown Soldier (very possibly printed by The East London Printing Company, EC3) in the first half of the Twentieth Century. The poem is printed alongside an image of the the Cenotaph in Whitehall. The text on the card reads "In affectionate memory of The Unknown Warrior, representative of Our Fallen Heroes who fell in The Great War - 1914 - 1918. For King and Country. Interred at Westminster Abbey Nov 11th 1920. R.I.P." The enquirer wishes to trace the author of the poem.

They fought for King and country
They never missed a call
Now they have gone to live with
The Highest King of all.

We loved them then, we love them now
We'll love them evermore,
And someday hope to meet them
Where partings are no more.

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