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Eurydice, Eurydice | 26-Apr-13

Enquirer is looking for a poem by a contemporary American poet about Orpheus and Eurydice which ends with the line, "Eurydice, Eurydice."

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sounds like Orpheo's aria where he calls to her in the libretto to Gluck's opera O & E
Dilys Winegrad

There used to be an advertisement on the London underground escalators for the jewellers Bravingtons in the late 1969' early 70's which went ..
Eurydice, Euridyce, my softly cooing dove:
When shall we be united in everlasting love?
Archibald dear Archibald, I've only this to say
Take me first to Bravngtons and you can name the day.

John Tinsley
+41 79 285 9713
John Tinsley

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