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"Tea with my aunts at half-past four..." | 21-Feb-05

I came across this poem at school in Edinburgh in the early 1960s.

The bits I can remember are the start and the end

Tea with my aunts at half past four
tea in a world without a war
The widow Queen is still alive
In Grandpa's house in Albert Drive
And firm the monkey puzzle tree
He planted at the Jubilee

and ..............

The bombs which broke the windows here
Have not disturbed the atmosphere.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


It's by John Arlott and I found it on page 2 of 'The Albemarle Book of Modern Verse' Volume 2. Hope this helps.
Angela Turner

Thanks to Angela for finding the poem. As well as the Albemarle Book of Modern Verse 2, you can find it in John Arlott's collection Of Period and Place, which was published by Jonathan Cape in 1944.
Poetry Library

'connect me to the brewery and leave me there to die' - my 93 year old mother keeps quoting this line, but where does it come from and what's the rest?
Ruth Fisher

John Arlott wrote verse on modern development
destoying green fields. It is a kind of parody
based on the hymn, "We plough the fields and
scatter." That is all my memory can recall.
Ken Stork

A Stricken Tree
Now that summer once again has filled the air with emerald fire, I can still feel the pain of that tall leafless stricken spire. Where never bird will build its nest, nor soft wind through its branches sigh nor join young nrighbours dancing lest its limbs should crack so stiff and dry. And yet that tall leafless skeleton has a taught beaty of its own its spring and summer long since gone now stands revealed the shining bone, The essence of the tree the truth, that green foam beaty hid in youth.

I seem to remeber the poem but I can't remember the author, can you help?
Tony Joyce

I have this book in my collection its in good condition with dust wrapper, also his other book of sonnets 1946 written with micheal ayrton. These are both for sale in a future auction,but i am will also sell them privately.
marina soames

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