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Poem about brain surgery | 09-Jun-13

Enquirer is searching for a poem heard on the radio (probably Radio 4) some years ago (probably during the 1990s). The poem was read by a man whose voice distorted and became more frightened as the surgery was performed. Enquirer feels it may have gone something like:

You're cutting me away / you're too close now / get out / leave me alone... 

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


Can't remember the title but I'm pretty sure it's by Dannie Abse. It's quite scary as the surgeon hears a mystery voice from the patient and the phrase I remember is 'leave my soul alone'.
Rennie Parker

Thank you Rennie, the poem you refer to is called 'In the theatre'. The enquirer has been in touch to confirm that this is indeed the poem and to express their gratitude to you for finding it.

The Poetry Library Team
Pascal O'Loughlin

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