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Out of the window Richard dangled his baby brother ... | 15-Jul-13

Enquirer is looking for a poem, a piece of "ruthless rhyme" style verse, which begins:

Out of the window Richard dangled his baby brother ...

and ends:

Oh you silly, you've dropped him on my favourite lily!

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This is the only poem I can remember from my school days ànd I am unale to recall if it was from Primary or Secondary school (I am in my 70's). I remember the poem as follows:
Out of the window Richard dangles his baby brother at all angles
Till baby slips and on his head descends into the flower bed.
Richard at once reports to mother the dreadful fate of baby brother and both run down in loving fear to see what's left of baby dear.
Mother is not only much pained to see how little there remained but screamed at Richard "Oh, you silly, you'very dropped him on my favourite ?ily!

Viv Durnall

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