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The proper place for you to settle is on Mount Popocatapetl | 25-Jul-13

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My child, if you should chance to go
and make your home in Mexico
the proper place for you to settle
is on Mount Popocatapetl.

Its slopes are green, its crest is white
it's 14.0000 feet in height.
The air will keep you in good fettle
upon Mount Popacatapetl.

3rd verse contains: 'no easier place to boil a kettle'

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And if on summer days your mind
Should turn to picnics you'll not find
A easier place to boil a kettle
Than on Mount Popacatapetl.

Tall tropic trees grow here and there
With flaming orchids rich and rare
No common weed nor stinging nettle
Is found on Mount Popacatapetl

Learned this is about grade 4. Can't remember author

Rose Thomson

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