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Ships that Pass - Last night a ship passed by | 12-Sep-13

Enquirer is trying to find out who wrote the following poem:

'Ships That Pass'

Last night a ship passed by,
The one on which I sailed.
Two little worlds, so close, torches of light twinkling
As they passed,
Like unto brave spirits in an ocean vast.
Their signals flashing in the blue of the night.
So, in this charted world,
Romance we trace.
Wolds touch and pass
To other worlds. untried and new,
As souls en voyage to the Infinite
To keep celestial Rendezvous
The poem was given to the enquirer by the radio officer on his first ship in 1958 when he was a cadet in the British Merchant Navy.

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Ships that pass by Alan Highley

If you google the above, you'll come across a Merchant Navy website/forum, perhaps you'll find more information there.
Ian Cross

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