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Have you ever been to Cornwall? | 18-Jan-14

Enquirer is looking for full text, author, or any other information for the following poem:

"Have you ever been to cornwall with its seacoast rough and grand, with its jutting rocks and headlands, far the wildest in our land. Once the wreckers lit their beacons on the cliffs along the bay, in the hope that some rich vessel might be wrecked and cast away...........?"

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I'm not sure where this comes from (me or someone else)? Could you help find out whether it's been published please ...
My thoughts, I know not what they are
Still feeling, but with eye awaiting
Awaiting what, I know not what I fear
Fear of unknowns within me
My head
A contortion of thoughts and fears
I call for help
But to no one I call
For I know not what I call about
Nor what things I have my head be holding
From me
emma moore

This poem was quoted to me on Penzance Harbour by an old fisherman - and I thought it was beautiful - but he disappeared after quoting it - and went on his way - it was almost like a dream! But I loved the words so much and now need to find the poem.

I will be performing this poem which I learned from my mother who sadly died at 102 this year.

Angela Brinkworth

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