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The magnificent Titanic that mighty modern ship | 20-Jan-14

Enquirer is looking for poet and/or source for a poem which includes the lines:

Out of the docks of Southampton steamed on her maiden trip/The magnificent Titanic that mighty modern ship

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You are getting nothing back, it seems. If you love the Titanic story there is a fantastic poem, called, simply, "Titanic", written by a Canadian mega-poet called E. J. Pratt..
I was introduced to his poems at the University of Calgary over twenty years ago. Some of his lines still run through my head.
While you are waiting, for what seems to be a lesser poem, why don't you enjoy this one by E. J. Pratt, and some of his other poems. You won'be sorry.
NHK. Canada.
Norman Kendrick

I have a hand written copy of the poem that my Grandma used to receit.
Helen Johnson

I am also looking for this poem, I have those first two lines and then "50,000 tons of steel breasted the ocean wave" and something about 'ocean grave'. An old friend's mother (born 1900) used to have it as her party trick. He said it was quite a long poem as he recalled. She was from the Scottish Highlands.
John Kirkpatrick

Found this...and will check with my friend if it the poem he was looking for.
This was written over 50 years ago

The Magnificent Titanic

Out from the docks of Southampton steamed on her maiden trip
The magnificent Titanic the mighty modern ship.
Fifty thousand tons of steel breasted the ocean wave
Not a soul on board had dread or fear of meeting an ocean grave
She cannot sink, what ere betide, that was the boastful cry
And the people on the dock all cheered as the ship went by.
All went well with a laugh and a jest and the dance went gaily on
Till they met the ice, then a rush and a jar told them something was wrong
"What's that?" was the cry "Oh nothing" One scarcely had time to think
Though she had struck something hard, we know that she cannot sink.
But the cruel ice had done it's work, that sent her to her fate
Full speed ahead, hard over, cried the officer, but too late.
Then rose a scene of courage, of duty to be done
Men behaved as men should do, all heroes every one.
Millionaires and poor mans son when she was sinking fast
Worked like Britons side by side all faithful to the last.
And though they found a cold cold grave beneath that icy sea
Up on high these words were heard, Nearer My God To Thee.
Of men like these we still can boast and as of yore can sing
Oh grave where is thy victory, Oh Death where is thy sting.

Author Unknown.

John Kirkpatrick

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