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Days, they come to us unwashed... | 02-Feb-14

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"Days. They come to us empty but unwashed, like old milk bottles, sides clouded with a film of yesterday. Our job is to fill them up and return."

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It has the lines, 'They come to us / Empty but not clean / Like unrinsed bottles ? . / There is no end to days - / Only a cloth laid / Over a birdcage'.

It was written by Vicki Feaver and was included in Feaver?s first collection, Close Relatives (1981), which is now sadly out of print.
If anyone can link me to the full poem, I would greatly appreciate it.
Jamie Spence

We have a copy of the book "Close Relatives" in our Rare Books collection. Please email us at info@poetrylibrary.org.uk and we can send you a copy of the poem on completion of a copyright declaration form.
Poetry Library

I believe it is by Vicki Feaver. My notes on the copy I have say it was found in a poetry book in Hull, England in 1991.
Jan Hudson

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