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The Glens of Antrim - It's, oh, to be on the Antrim hills | 11-Mar-14

The Glens of Antrim

It's, oh, to be on the Antrim hills
When an April morn is dawning!
And the sheen of green and gold's on the grass
And the mist's o'er the vale like an awning.
And, it's, oh, to hear the corncrake's cry
And the cuckoo's call and the lark on high.
I'd give the half of my life, would I
For the Antrim hills in the morning.
And, it's oh, to lie in the trembling grass,
And be drunk on the scent of the clover!
And hear the wings of the night that pass,
And the "peet-weet-weet" of the plover!
In what other place can an Irish heart lie,
But in Irish turf, 'neath an Irish sky.
I made a vow with myself, did I,
To be there when my life is over.

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