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I didn't want a bath last night... | 12-Apr-14

Enquirer recalls the poem from her childhood when she read it for a school assembly. Seeking full text and poet/source.

I didn't want a bath last night, but Mummy said I should/I grumbled and was very cross, I wasn't very good/I put the flannel up the taps and tipped up the shampoo/I used my sister's bubble bath and talcum powder too.

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...When Mum came in she was quite cross and I was very glad
I wanted her to be upset and look a little sad
It served her right for saying I'd got to go to bed
She dried me without speaking and only shook her had
I hurried into bed last night and didn't want a book
I didn't want a goodnight kiss, I didn't want to look
Goodnight my love my Mummy said and don't be sad for long
However much you don't like me I love you all along
I love you just like breathing, it goes on night and day
And when you wake tomorrow you'll feel better right away
Bernie Potter

I would love to know who wrote this, my mum claims it was me when I was a little kid, and has kept " the original" I reckon I must have copied it from somewhere.
Clair Roe

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