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Club Talk - Look at old Jellaby, isn't he wonderful | 09-May-14

Enquirer is trying to find out who wrote this poem which they read in the "Sunday Times" in the early 1970's:

Club Talk

Look at old Jellaby, isn't he wonderful
70 next birthday and pissed as a fart
Bloody good fellow, wonderful anecdotes,
Keeps up his interests: racing and art.
Not so young  Albaster, trouble with Jennifer
Bunked off with a Chinaman -something like that.
Took it all very badly: drunk by 10:30 now,
Doesnt shave properly, running to fat.
Saddest of all though, case of old Ironside
Saw the quack Tuesday, cancer I hear.
Nothing to do now but wait for the funeral
Here, you have a large one: no I'll stick to beer.

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